Home Improvement: Reinvent Your Garden

Beautiful Backyard Designs

Screen-Shot-2015-10-25-at-14.30.58Do you want to give your home a new personality, but don’t know how or where to begin with? Home improvement is not complete without a garden makeover. It’s time to reinvent your garden when you feel the landscape is old; trees have grown so large and tall shading all the area, bushes have taken more area than the original, some plants do not perform anymore and your family has outgrown your garden that sits just outside your home.

Home and Outdoor Corporation says begin with the garden! After a thorough evaluation of the necessary changes in the reinvention of your garden, you must also consider the upgraded lifestyles of family members who have matured. Here are a few tips on how to reinvent your garden.


  •        Deal with Overgrown Trees

You have to fix this issue to reduce shade. You need to get more light for other plants. Trim the trees and reduce the branches to allow light through. Trimming can be a preventive garden maintenance. Cut dead branches damaged by storms, animals or insect infested. Cut also those branches that rub each other, those that obscure your driveway and house entry and those that overhang roofs. Fallen dead leaves often cause problems to the roof and downpour.  If this work is too much, you can call a professional arborist for best results.



  •        Bushes/Shrubs

Like rearranging the indoor, moving or transferring shrubs in the garden can be a difficult task. But the reward comes after the work and your garden looks fresh again while you didn’t put much money. But if you have the resources, it is good to buy some new plants for your garden makeover. Trim thick and overgrown shrubs/bushes or relocate them in the yard. But before you touch any plant; be sure deck-oilyou have studied the techniques to make sure they will survive. Consider location, sunlight or shade, soil, roots and other plants around.


  •        Unhealthy plants

If you have literally sick and dying plants, saving them from the compost pit may not always be helpful. Plants’ fungal diseases can be transmitted from one plant to another by various carriers. Inadequate or too much water, excessive fertilizer, or extreme weather conditions make plants stressed and unhealthy. Cut your losses as soon as possible because sick plants yield twisted stems, ugly and less colorful leaves. No amount of care can save them from nasty viruses.


  •        Remove Play Area When Kids Have Grown

This part is very interesting! You have a large area to remake. Would you like to create a rippling garden waterfall in place of the play area? Or, install a large fountain – make it a focal point in the yard. You can also purchase or customize a one or two wooden garden benches. How about a garden pond? This project is fun and beautiful when finished. It will invite birds in your garden if you put a bird feeder. The tranquility it offers is also something money can’t buy.


Add More Beauty to Your Garden Reinvention

More garden features to add to your garden reinvention are large natural stones along the sides of pathways. Climbing pagoda plants or climbing roses at the entrance of the garden can be romantic.  Have you taught of changing the lighting fixtures from ordinary to more dramatic ones? Wind chimes for the garden are a source of rich and lifting notes that relax the mind and soothe the soul. It’s a natural enchanting soundtrack that you can hang in the classiest place in your garden. You and the people around would enjoy seeing your garden reinvention; the birds too!